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Dedicated to solving your business challenges through video.

  • 95% of a message is retained when it is watched on video 

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

  • 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI

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At Four Rooms we are used to generating content across a large variety of sectors. While we really enjoy crafting and delivering small-scale but high-level commercial content, we also understand that sometimes our clients need a large volume of relevant, timely material to feed the insatiable demands of social media. In addition, we are highly skilled in delivering online courses, internal corporate communication, explainer videos with animations and graphics, product videos and commercials. Last but not least, we have a specialist service dedicated to hybrid and virtual conferencing, live-streaming and webinars. Below you can find  examples of some of our work.









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Through keeping our overheads low, Four Rooms avoids charging agency fees, thus making us more affordable than many larger agencies, while still being able to deliver everything needed by our clients. 

Central to successful video content strategy are three reasons to making content:  Hero - Hub - Hygiene

Hero - The big brand film, telling the story of your business or specific product/service, what you do and why. Hero
films raise awareness of your brand to get interest from potential new customers

Hygiene - Information rich films that explain something more specific about your business or product. Hygiene videos are often created from observed user behaviours, like what your customer searches for, or what journey they went through before buying your product.

Hub - Keep your customers happy and coming back for more with targeted films made to engage. 



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David Taylor 

Founder and Managing Partner - The Brand Gym

Four Rooms were excellent on the technical side of filming, in terms of lighting, sound and camera set-up. But what really sets them apart is the coaching they gave me to deliver the best performance: they are really both cameramen and coach! Over 4 days of filming, they never stopping giving advice about pacing, energy levels, clarity of speaking and more. They then did a super job on the editing, creating a series of 40 superb videos in record time, ahead of schedule.

Emily Pailthorpe 

Creative Director - The Conchord Ensemble

They produced an excellent 4 minute film to use for the promotion of next year's festival and also filmed all the concerts which we will use on our website. Their films were excellent, they captured wonderful footage and worked sensitively with the staff and artists.


Julybeth Torres 

Head of Marketing -The Stroke Association

I had a great experience shooting a commercial with Four Rooms a very demanding day in the set where everything went according to plan. Highly recommended.

David Nichols 

The British Aerobatics Association

They did a great job for us at short notice, capturing the spirit & performance of competition aerobatics in to a series of punchy videos - no easy feat. Highly recommended.


After meeting in 2012 on a 16mm film project, Juan and Hamish eventually teamed up in 2018 with the aim of providing a service that reflected the current market and addressed the needs of companies and organisations looking for more cost-effective solutions for video communications. The answer we came up with is the Four Rooms network of professionals. In a way, Four Rooms is the ideal halfway house, combining the flexibility of freelancing with the reliability of in-house production.


Hamish Nichols
Co-Founder - Coaching Specialist

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Hamish is sometimes referred to as a “camera operator/coach” as he came to filmmaking after years spent working with large global firms as an executive coach on leadership development programmes. As a trained actor he also has in his skillset a myriad of tools to help people look and sound great in front of camera. When not working on corporate projects, Hamish acts as Director of Photography for other people’s feature films, as well as directing his own scripts. Hamish speaks Spanish, French and Catalan fluently and can rub along in Portuguese.

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Juan Fernando Pinzon-Moreno
Co-Founder - Creative Director 

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As a self-shooting director and editor with over a decade of experience going through TV, films, corporate and documentaries, Juan has been recognised at international level, winning different awards in the US, EU and his native Colombia. From communicating with indigenous peoples of the Amazon to night shoots at a London airport control tower, Juan brings a can-do attitude to the different challenges he has faced in his career. A believer in music having a true power of healing, he claims that Salsa is the happiest "cure" around. A native Spanish speaker and fluent in English, Juan also understands the basics of Portuguese and Italian.


Chris Hosker
Social Media Strategist

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Chris is our marketing specialist, having worked with brands as social media marketer and strategist for several years, delivering significant ROI on ad campaigns before pivoting into videography. Six years later, he is now an experienced lighting camera operator, technician and editor, working with charities, corporations and production companies across commercials, branded video and documentaries. 

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Alex Murray
VFX Artist - Animator

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With over ten years of experience in both the film and corporate media industries, Alex has a thorough and eclectic experience, ranging from brand awareness building to social media explainer animations, for clients both global and local. He has a thorough understanding of all the problem solving that is often inherent in post-production, but most of all focuses on bringing his creativity to bear as a graphics artist and animator. In his spare time across projects, he often finds himself working on his own screenplays and making movies.



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