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  • Juan Moreno

Don’t Look Up, but do take notice of this film.

Advertising has always referenced emblematic films and I believe that Don’t look Up, the fake news satire currently being seen by a lot of people on Netflix and elsewhere is one those movies. Though arguably not a great film in and of itself, it is highly entertaining and in my view is to this age what Dr.Strangelove was to the Cold War era. The movie was written before Covid and is a satire on how contemporary society would react to the catastrophic news that a destructive comet is 6 months away from hitting the earth. Denial, trivialisation, distortion of the truth and economic exploitation are the main reactions of those in charge in the U.S. The satire comes across as pretty blunt and crude, but given the way many sectors of society have reacted to both climate change and Covid in current times, the film could even be seen to be pulling its punches.

Link to the trailer

So it seems to me that in the long-running tradition of referencing zeitgeist movies in advertising, that it might be worth borrowing some of the tone of this movie. Why not think about being irreverent, bluntly satirical and using OTT humour in your corporate communications style? It would certainly get people’s attention, even if it is a corporation that is doing it…

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