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  • Juan Moreno

Great graphics on a video are like singing in tune…

I once asked a professional musician why singing or playing in tune was so important. He told me that for some reason, music enters the ears and the mind so much more smoothly and effectively when it’s played in tune. I feel the same way about good graphics in video animations or other corporate videos: they can really make taking in what can be very dense information, a pleasure. I recently came across a You Tube channel with great graphics and that is Ted Ed. This channel has been around for a few years, but it takes meaty subjects involving science, history and politics and explains them in a really compelling way. A lot of this has to do with the quality of the graphics it uses, which is excellent.

Take a look at a couple of examples that I have come across at random and see what I mean. The first is entitled “Why are airplanes slower than they used to be?” (this even got comments on how good the animation was).


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