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  • Juan Moreno

Hello darkness my old friend

Something has been changing in the world of advertising. It used to be almost an unwritten rule that ad spots had to be positive, upbeat and therefore, very brightly light.

Now darkness has invaded the heart of some of the shiniest of brand advertising. Look at this beautifully shot, award-winning spot from Starbucks last year:

Now you may think that advertising betting is a shadowy business, and Bet 365 has literally embraced this idea, at least as far as the presenter (Ray Winstone) is concerned:

Lastly, McDonald’s of all people, delivered a series of low-light ads for their McDelivery service. Here’s one, but I could pick quite a few:

Not quite The Dark Night or Game of Thrones level of tenebrosity, but not far off. And that’s the point. Advertising has always aped the cinema and the dominant look in films and TV series over the last few years has been to film what is called “low key lighting” or in other words, lighting with a lot of shadow.

So next time you are thinking about filming your latest product, however upbeat and zingy it may be, remember you always have the option to embrace the dark side…

Four Rooms loves a bit of the old brooding, moody stuff. Check out classic films like The Godfather and Klute for where this look gets its inspiration and don’t hesitate to get in touch and chat about your next video marketing masterpiece.

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