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  • Juan Moreno

No more waiting for edits!

If you need to have your conference, online event, interview or any multi-camera event edited in super quick time, Four Rooms now can do this for you, often within the hour! This comes courtesy of new hardware from the ever-innovative Blackmagic Design company, who with their ATEM Mini Pro ISO switcher, allow you to record a multicam event, such as an interview, conference, streamed show or anything involving multiple cameras and then edit what you have recorded on the spot, in the highest possible quality. There is currently no other device that we know that offers this feature.

If you want to know exactly how this works, watch here how Alex Pettitt talks you through how the ATEM Mini pro ISO achieves this. Alternatively, get in touch with us at Four Rooms and we can explain to you how you can achieve exceptionally fast turnaround speeds with this device.

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